Should We Have a Referendum on Electoral Reform? Have Your Say by Sept 30th!

ron-liepert-referendum-electoral-reform.jpgI hope you have had an enjoyable summer!  As fall gets underway, I write to ask your opinion about how we elect our Members of Parliament.
As you may be aware, the Government of Canada is considering changing the electoral system. A committee of Parliament has been studying the issue of electoral reform and will be presenting its report to the House this fall.  I believe strongly that my vote on the matter of electoral reform should reflect the majority position of my constituents.
I have mailed a special voting ballot to your house.  You may have already received it, and if not, you’ll likely get it sometime this week.  When you receive it, I would really appreciate it if you would fill out the ballot, and send it back to the address indicated. You do not need to put a stamp on it.
Your vote on this ballot will inform my decision of how to vote when the matter comes forward in the House of Commons in the months ahead.  Once I tabulate the results, I will email you again to let you know what our riding has said.
If you do not get your ballot by September 10th, please call my office at 403-292-6666 and another will be provided to you.
Thank you for your participation in this matter.