September Update

I want to take this opportunity to thank constituents of Calgary Signal Hill for your support over the past four years. It is an honour to be a Member of Parliament and at no time should that ever be taken for granted.




Many constituents I meet will ask “why aren’t you in Ottawa?” Members of Parliament sit about half the year in our nation’s capital with the remainder of the year devoted to constituency work. Meeting with stakeholders and community organizations provides MPs with direct input as to what constituents feel and where their priorities lie. Nowhere is that more evident than being in Ottawa.

While sitting in the House of Commons is an important role, the interaction with constituents is why most members chose to run. I look forward to that interactive dialogue over the next two months as daily doorknocking takes place leading up to the next election.

You may have heard that a bill proposing to change the name of our riding from Calgary Signal Hill to Calgary West, to take effect for this election, was passed unanimously by the House of Commons more than a year ago. I asked for this change in order to respect the heritage of this riding, and make it more inclusive of all constituents, not just those that live in Signal Hill. Unfortunately, the bill was never approved by the Senate, which is required to become law, so the riding will remain as Calgary Signal Hill.

While I am campaigning, my office will still be working on your behalf so our office remains open to assist constituents of Calgary Signal Hill. If you require assistance with departments within the federal government such as Service Canada or Immigration, please feel free to contact the office at 403 292-6666 or email