September Community Newsletter Insert

Summer is coming to a close which means routines are going back to normal not only for all the students but also for me as your MP.  The time in Calgary and in the riding has given me a chance to speak with a great number of you and I appreciate input on your concerns and counsel.  You can be assured that I will be taking your feedback with me to Ottawa as the new session of Parliament begins.

First let me start this message by asking if you would consider allowing me to send updates in occasional emails to you in my role as your MP.  Our office has a list of emails that constituents have consented to for that purpose, which we use very sparingly (last parliamentary session, we used the list a total of four times).  If you’d like to be included in those updates, please to sign up, or call 403-292-6666.  If you feel that the messaging is too frequent or not relevant you can unsubscribe at any time.  I am also on Facebook and Twitter if that is more your style.

We are expecting a very full fall session, as the Liberal Government presented an ambitious slate but did not have a lot of success in actually getting much of that legislation passed last year (less than 50% of the Government’s bills passed).  That backlog, plus a new set of priorities has made for a very full order paper.

One of the biggest issues ahead is electoral reform.  As you’ve likely heard, the Liberal Government wants to change how you elect your MPs.  I am not opposed to the study of electoral reform and look forward to the work of the committee examining changes to our electoral process. I do feel, however, that if substantive changes to how we elect our Members of Parliament are proposed by the committee, then citizens should have a final say by way of a national referendum.

A committee of politicians, no matter what the composition, should never be the sole decider of how politicians are elected.

As a constituent in Calgary Signal Hill, you will be consulted prior to my voting on any matter related to electoral reform.  It is my belief that my vote should reflect your views.  I will be conducting a consultation similar to the one I did regarding Medical Assistance in Dying to hear from you.  Watch your mailbox and voicemail (and email if you are signed up) for more details soon.

Ron Liepert