July Community Newsletter Insert

The first session of the 42nd Parliament in the House of Commons’ wrapped up at the end of June which concluded my inaugural session as your MP for Calgary Signal Hill. In our parliamentary system, the official Opposition reflects the premise that a delicate balance must be maintained between permitting elected governments to govern and legislate effectively, and ensuring that power is exercised with care and with respect for those with other views. As the official opposition, we work to ensure that legislation is carefully considered, and that differing views on important initiatives are publicly expressed and defended, so since being sworn in, the House of Commons has been very lively as we have debated many important issues from the budget (the largest deficit in recent history) to the very sensitive issue around medical assistance in dying (MAID). To ensure that I was reflecting the opinions of my constituents with regard to MAID, I requested your feedback and based my vote, not on my own personal ideas, rather on the overwhelming response that I received from you. Parliamentary decorum has been tested as a result of these emotional issues contrary to the promise of ‘sunny ways’ in the House.

Additional highlights – I brought forward a private members bill, C-229, an Act to amend the Criminal Code and other related Acts to increase the life sentence for those who commit the most heinous of crimes – Life Means Life Act. This bill is scheduled to appear again in the fall once the House resumes. As well, I have had the opportunity to address the House on several occasions speaking to the need for job creation in Alberta, support of pipeline projects, and to recognize two outstanding Albertans who passed – Ron Southern and Dr. Barrie Strafford.

As the country witnessed the devastating fire that hit Fort McMurray in early May, I along with all Canadians was thankful for the incredible efforts of all the first responders who worked tirelessly to protect lives and property in Northern Alberta. I was also moved by the willingness of Calgarians, Albertans and all Canadians to open their homes and their wallets to help their neighbors from Fort McMurray.

As the House breaks for the summer, I look forward to spending time in the riding with you, my neighbors. The summer is always a busy time in Calgary kicking off with the Calgary Stampede. I hope to be able to attend community events in the coming months so please let the office know if you are planning an event in your area.

Please enjoy your time this summer with family and friends.