February Newsletter Insert

Parliament resumed sitting on January 30th and will now be in session until mid June. 2017 will be an exciting year on many fronts.  

Community Newsletter for February 2017


Parliament resumed sitting on January 30th and will now be in session until mid June. 2017 will be an exciting year on many fronts.  


Many communities across the country began celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with New Year’s kickoff events. Ottawa is expecting a record year for tourism as a lot of effort has been spent encouraging Canadians to visit our nation’s capital and in the U.S. where a favorable exchange rate is providing good value for Americans.  


A number of major decisions will be facing the Liberal government in 2017 including dealing with a continued sluggish economy. A lot of attention will be focused on relations with the newly installed President Trump. Clearly the President’s path forward does not run parallel to our Prime Minister especially in areas such as climate change.


2017 will also see the selection of a new leader for the Conservative party of Canada on May 27th and also for the NDP in October.


Closer to home, a new carbon tax is now in effect and this year will bring another significant bump to the minimum wage. Alberta’s jobless situation continues to be a trouble spot for the entire country. Even though expectations are that oil prices will continue to slowly move upward during the year, indications are that will not necessarily translate into additional hiring. 


Our federal Conservative caucus will continue to present options to the federal government such as the Alberta jobs task force report submitted late last month. The federal government could immediately put thousands of laid-off oil field workers back to work by funding an environmental clean-up of abandoned oil and gas wells. A report late in 2016 indicates the number of wells has doubled in the past year as small energy companies have gone out of business and landowners and the crown are now responsible. This is but one small initiative the federal government could launch to assist the unemployed in Alberta.


I will speak more about Alberta’s job task force report next month in my column. 


As the official opposition we will continue to work on your behalf to ensure the needs of Albertans and residents of Calgary Signal Hill are heard by the Government.  If you have specific questions or feedback, we would like to hear from you as we want to bring your voice to the government on these and other issues.