February 2016 Community Newsletter Insert

I am pleased to provide my first accounting to constituents as the new Member of Parliament for Calgary Signal Hill.

On October 19th, the political landscape changed in Canada but in Calgary Signal Hill the residents elected to endorse the Conservative Party of Canada and myself. First, I want to express my thanks and gratitude for the support of confidence that I received. I would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who worked on our campaign and those who donated personally in so many ways. I also want to express my thanks and good wishes to the other candidates from the riding who sought election especially, Kerry Cundal of the Liberal party, Khalis Ahmed of the New Democrats and Taryn Knorren for the Green party. Being a candidate in a general election requires a lot of hard work, time and money, especially in a campaign as long as this one. Each of the other candidates should be thanked for ensuring voters had a choice in our democratic process.


Currently our new constituency office is in the process of being renovated and we expect we will be open for business very soon but in the interim if you have an issue that requires attention please contact our office in Ottawa at 1-613-992-3066 or ron.liepert@parl.gc.ca. In the aftermath of a long election campaign, combined with the Christmas holiday period, the House of Commons only met for seven days in early December, resuming the spring session in late January.

Our interim leader Rona Ambrose has appointed me as a member of the House of Commons Standing Finance Committee which has oversight over Government spending and holds consultations with Canadians regarding the federal budget. As the only Member of Parliament from the three western most provinces on the committee I consider it a huge honour to be one of 10 persons charged with overseeing government spending. I will have more to report on the work of the committee in future accounting to constituents.

I also had an opportunity on the first day of Opposition replies to the throne speech to make my maiden speech in the House. It was a special privilege to speak about the Battalion Park initiative and express my concerns that energy, agriculture or forestry, the wealth generators in this country, weren’t mentioned in the throne speech. My speech can be viewed on my website at ron.liepert.ca. 2016 is going to be a very difficult year in Alberta. Commodity prices will remain weak, unemployment rates are expected to rise along with federal and provincial taxes.

My responsibility as your representative will be to listen to constituents who have real issues and assist where possible. Once our office is completed I intend to hold several open houses to listen to your concerns. I look forward to these opportunities so please watch for details which will be provided in future updates.