December 2019 Update

I am honoured to have received the support of the majority of constituents in Calgary Signal Hill who voted in the October election and pleased to be your representative in Parliament for the duration of this minority government. Obviously it is disappointing to many Albertans that a change in government did not take place however the services our office provides to constituents will not be affected.

Like the majority of Western Canadians, I will be watching closely how the federal government responds to the fact it is unrepresented from the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg to the lower mainland of British Columbia. Rural Manitoba, almost all of B.C. minus the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, all of Saskatchewan and Alberta sent a very strong message and it is now up to the Prime Minister to react to those concerns 

I heard directly from constituents at the doors, on the phone and thru written correspondence every day of the campaign about the personal challenges many are encountering and much of it is due to bad federal policies over the past four years. I can assure each of you those concerns will continue to be expressed in Parliament and I am hopeful they won’t fall on deaf ears as was the case during the last government. I remain hopeful but not optimistic that much will change.

As always you can contact our office at or 403 292-6666.

Since this will be the last column before the holidays I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and best of the holiday season. We can all hope that things improve in 2020 because in spite of the concerns raised during the election we still live in the best country in the world. With a little bit of listening to Western Canadians by the new federal government it could be so much better.