Community Newsletter Insert – May 2016

As your Member of Parliament, I value your thoughts and opinions. None is truer going forward on the changes to the government legislation proposed for physician assisted death. While I may have my own opinion on this matter, I want to cast my vote in Parliament based on the position that the majority of my constituents believe.

Over the past few weeks we have been gathering feedback from the Calgary Signal Hill residents to ensure that I can go forward with an accurate representation of the constituents.

To provide a brief background, on February 6, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that certain sections of the Criminal Code which deemed it an offense to consent to death or assist another with suicide was in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Parliament of Canada established a Special Joint Committee on December 11, 2015 for the purpose of developing and providing recommendations to the legislations that would require amendments to all relevant Acts of Parliament. This Supreme Court ruling comes into effect on June 6, 2016 so there are many factors that need to be investigated and in a tight time frame.

The Special Joint Committee has made many recommendations that are captured in the Medical Assistance in Dying committee report. The feedback that we are requesting from you is not whether this should be permissible as the Supreme Court has already ruled on that. Instead we are looking for your thoughts and opinions on the recommendations that have been laid out in the report.

We encourage you to go to my website as to read more on the Supreme Court ruling, the Recommendations of the Special Joint Committee, the Dissenting Report from the Conservative members as well as the feedback survey form that we are utilizing to gather your thoughts.

If you have any questions or require assistance in completing the feedback form, please feel free to call the Calgary office at 403 292-6666.

Other news, as we expected, the Liberals presented their 2016 Budget which was almost three times the deficit they predicted during their election campaign coming in at $29.7 billion dollars. Presented were many initiatives that, we, the Conservatives, are not in the best interest of Albertans but as the opposition we will continually work on your behalf to ensure the negative impact will be a minimal as possible. If you have specific questions or feedback, we would like to hear from you as we want to bring your voice to the government on these and other issues.