Community Newsletter Insert – April 2016

The Trudeau government unveiled a budget that should give all Canadians reason to be concerned. The Liberal campaign promised significant spending on infrastructure which would result in no more than a $10 billion budget deficit. Canadians endorsed that plan last October. Now however, in less than six months the government has introduced a budget projecting a deficit in 2016-17 that may end up being triple that amount.

Having such out of control spending is the wrong path for the country. That was clearly the message delivered by a number of prominent Albertans at a pre-budget round table that I hosted in Calgary with the Leader of the official Opposition in January.

The House of Commons all party committee on physician assisted dying tabled its report on February 24th in response to the Supreme Court ruling last year. The government is required to enact legislation by June 2016 and the report is expected to form the basis for such legislation. The full report can be viewed at

I was pleased during this session of Parliament, to introduce a private members bill called “Life means life” and if passed would give judges and juries, in sentencing those convicted of the most heinous crimes, the ability to ensure the criminal never walked the streets of Canada again. While this legislation may not serve as a deterrent to others it clearly would provide peace of mind to those victims of such a crime.

I was also pleased to deliver a member statement on the importance of the Energy East pipeline to our economy and pay tribute to Calgary businessman and philanthropist Ron Southern on his passing in January. If you would like to follow my work representing you on the hill, please visit which gives you access to all my speeches, votes, and interventions in the House and at committee.

The House Finance committee, of which I am vice chair, held a week long session of pre-budget consultations in Ottawa, prior to the budget being delivered. The committee heard from a number of Albertans, especially those in the energy industry, of the dire circumstances many Albertans are facing today. The Official Opposition is committed to ensuring Alberta’s voices are heard in these difficult times. While the government does not seem to be in any rush to have new pipelines built we believe an indication of support to move our product to tidewater would be a strong signal to industry and provide hope for those who may have lost their jobs or are concerned about losing employment.

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