2020 Tax Guide Updates and Corrections

Early in the new year my office distributed a Tax Guide to all constituents. If you did not receive a pamphlet in the mail please contact my office @ 403 292-6666 and we will happy to provide you with the information.

At the time of the printing of the Guide, definitive numbers were not available.  Therefore, I would like provide some of the information to supplement the Guide.

Canada Employment Amount- Most employees of the public and private sector (excluding the self-employed) can claim up to $1,222 on your 2019 tax return to offset the cost of work-related expenses such as home computers, uniforms and supplies.   

Tax-Free Savings Account - Several years ago the maximum annual contribution was reduced from $10,000 to $5,500.  For 2019, it has been increased to $6,000. (The guide stated it had been increased by $6,000)

With the elimination of the Alberta Carbon Levy, Albertans are now eligible for the federal Carbon Rebate.  While preparing the 2019 tax return, you will complete a quick form which will be submitted with your tax return which will then be assessed for eligibility as the rebate is tied to income rather than energy use.

For your information,  there have been some previous benefits that no longer apply some of which include: Public Transit Tax Credit, Family Tax Cut (Income Splitting), Hiring Credit for Small Business, Education Tax Credit and Textbook Tax Credit, Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and Children’s Arts Tax Credit.

Although our office is unable to provide tax advice, we may be able to assist if you are experiencing difficulties or complex concerns with the Canada Revenue Agency.