2020 Tax Guide Updates and Corrections

Early in the new year my office distributed a Tax Guide to all constituents. If you did not receive a pamphlet in the mail please contact my office @ 403 292-6666 and we will happy to provide you with the information.

At the time of the printing of the Guide, definitive numbers were not available.  Therefore, I would like provide some of the information to supplement the Guide.

Happy New Year

I would like to take a moment to wish you and your family a belated Merry Christmas, Seasons’ Greetings, and a very Happy New Year.

December 2019 Update

I am honoured to have received the support of the majority of constituents in Calgary Signal Hill who voted in the October election and pleased to be your representative in Parliament for the duration of this minority government. Obviously it is disappointing to many Albertans that a change in government did not take place however the services our office provides to constituents will not be affected.

The Story of Battalion Park

There is a collection of 16,000 whitewashed stones arranged on the side of Signal Hill signifying the battalion units that served and trained at the Sarcee Camp.


September Update

I want to take this opportunity to thank constituents of Calgary Signal Hill for your support over the past four years. It is an honour to be a Member of Parliament and at no time should that ever be taken for granted.




Check it Out: Chris Slubicki on YouTube

Chris is the CEO of Modern Resources Inc. and was in Ottawa two weeks ago and I had him present to 20 or so of my Alberta colleagues and over the noon hour he presented to about 20 of my colleagues from Ontario.

He has a great YouTube video that you should check out about Alberta's energy industry: 



Bill S-245 the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act

Alberta Senator Doug Black introduced Bill S-245 into the Senate, which provides a reasonable roadmap to move the TransMountain Pipeline forward.  This bill would declare the pipeline project to be part of the national interest.  Check out my video below to watch my speech in support of his bill, which has now been passed in the Senate and is before the House of Commons.

Please Join Me at my Upcoming Town Hall November 14th

I look forward to the opportunity to update you on the work of the Conservative Official Opposition in Ottawa, our responses to key issues and bills presented by the government, and our vision for a better Canada.

I also sincerely look forward to hearing your questions, concerns and advice on what I can do to best represent you in Ottawa.

Click here for more information and to RSVP.

Helping Canada Understand the Importance of Alberta's Energy Industry

I wanted to share with you some of the work I have been doing over the summer. I strongly believe that one of the reasons why pipeline approvals keep getting delayed and bills such as C-69 move forward are because the Liberal government’s support base in central Canada doesn’t understand the importance of our energy industry to the wellbeing of all of Canada.

Parliament Hill Update

Canadian politics has had a troubling start to 2018.