Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday!


Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation at special events and activities that are being planned across the country. From local and community events to national celebrations in 2017, there will be plenty of ways to get involved and celebrate all that makes us who we are as a country. More excitement to come, stay tuned!

September Community Newsletter Insert

Summer is coming to a close which means routines are going back to normal not only for all the students but also for me as your MP.  The time in Calgary and in the riding has given me a chance to speak with a great number of you and I appreciate input on your concerns and counsel.  You can be assured that I will be taking your feedback with me to Ottawa as the new session of Parliament begins.

Should We Have a Referendum on Electoral Reform? Have Your Say by Sept 30th!

ron-liepert-referendum-electoral-reform.jpgI hope you have had an enjoyable summer!  As fall gets underway, I write to ask your opinion about how we elect our Members of Parliament.
As you may be aware, the Government of Canada is considering changing the electoral system. A committee of Parliament has been studying the issue of electoral reform and will be presenting its report to the House this fall.  I believe strongly that my vote on the matter of electoral reform should reflect the majority position of my constituents.

August Community Newsletter Insert

The summer provides an opportunity for families to spend time together. As we begin to close in on back to school time, I wanted to take a moment to report to the constituents of Calgary Signal Hill on an issue that will have a dramatic impact on your pay cheque. As you may be aware, the Minister of Finance recently announced changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) that will result in a significant hike in payroll taxes for business, and mandatory payroll deductions for employees.

July Community Newsletter Insert

The first session of the 42nd Parliament in the House of Commons’ wrapped up at the end of June which concluded my inaugural session as your MP for Calgary Signal Hill. In our parliamentary system, the official Opposition reflects the premise that a delicate balance must be maintained between permitting elected governments to govern and legislate effectively, and ensuring that power is exercised with care and with respect for those with other views. As the official opposition, we work to ensure that legislation is carefully considered, and that differing views on important initiatives are publicly expressed and defended, so since being sworn in, the House of Commons has been very lively as we have debated many important issues from the budget (the largest deficit in recent history) to the very sensitive issue around medical assistance in dying (MAID). To ensure that I was reflecting the opinions of my constituents with regard to MAID, I requested your feedback and based my vote, not on my own personal ideas, rather on the overwhelming response that I received from you. Parliamentary decorum has been tested as a result of these emotional issues contrary to the promise of ‘sunny ways’ in the House.

MP Liepert Votes in Favor of C-14 on Medical Assistance in Dying

ron-liepert-c14-medical-assistance-dying.jpgAs you may be aware, Bill C-14, regarding Medical Assistance in Dying, was recently passed in the House of Commons.  As your MP, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how I voted, and the reasons why.

Community Newsletter Insert – May 2016

As your Member of Parliament, I value your thoughts and opinions. None is truer going forward on the changes to the government legislation proposed for physician assisted death. While I may have my own opinion on this matter, I want to cast my vote in Parliament based on the position that the majority of my constituents believe.

Community Newsletter Insert – April 2016

The Trudeau government unveiled a budget that should give all Canadians reason to be concerned. The Liberal campaign promised significant spending on infrastructure which would result in no more than a $10 billion budget deficit. Canadians endorsed that plan last October. Now however, in less than six months the government has introduced a budget projecting a deficit in 2016-17 that may end up being triple that amount.

ICYMI: Ron on Power and Politics

On March 14th Ron Liepert, Vice Chair of the Standing Committee of Finance was on CBC’s Power and Politics talking about the upcoming federal budget.  Here’s a link to the clip:


Community Newsletter Insert – March 2016

The House of Commons in Ottawa resumed sitting on January 25, 2016 and will continue until adjournment on June 23, 2016. Within that time frame, the House generally sits for two weeks followed by a week break for constituency work so I will be back in the riding and available for consultations. Please contact our office if you would like to set up an appointment. We are excited to be ‘open for business’ after renovations that resulted in a longer than anticipated delay so we appreciate your patience.